STR TR-S5000 Time and Date Stamp

STR TR-S5000 Time and Date Stamp

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STR TR-S5000 Time and Date Stamp

STR TR-S5000 Time and Date Stamp is versatile and tough and offers many uses:

Multi-function time and date stamps that prints on virtually any form:

  • basic employee time and attendance recording
  • mail receiving
  • shipping desk receipts
  • prescription dispensing, bank deposits, dispatches
  • time tickets for job costing

Versatile time and date stamps to print in your preferred format

  • over 400 programmable print configurations available 
  • optional consecutive numbers up to 8 digits
  • 12 available preset messages (RCVD, SENT, etc.)
  • programmable custom messages up to 7 characters
  • automatic or manual print activation

Robust time and date stamps that take up little space

  • quartz time keeping with a lithium battery for backup of data during power failures
  • fast dot matrix printer that performs year after year
  • attractive blue and grey polycarbonate durable case with lock to inhibit tampering
  • optional battery standby for punching during power failures
  • optional relay for controlling audible signals like bells and horns

      STR TR-S5000 Time and Date Stamp

      • Clock accuracy: Monthly accuracy ± 15sec. (at ordinary temperatures)
      • Calendar: Year up to 2099, Automatically adjusted to leap years, 31-day months and months with thirty or fewer days, and the day of week.
      • Printing system: Dot matrix.
      • Power failure compensation: Three years of cumulative power failure hours after the date of shipment.
      • Print at power failure: Optional Ni-Cad battery, 200-time printing or 24 hours.
      • Time program: External time signal, Built-in buzzer, Printing a special mark (*)
      • Connection of external time signal: No voltage signal output.
      • Operating environment: Temperature: -5℃ to 45℃, 23℉ to 113℉, Humidity: 20% to 80%, no condensation, The unit operates normally at temperatures of 5℃ or below, but the print density, reaction of the LCD display, and the number of prints at power failure are inferior to those at normal temperature operation.
      • Dimensions: 6.14” (W) X 7.36” (H) X 6.85 (D)156mm (W) X 187mm (H) X 174mm (D)
      • Weight: Approx, 4.6 lbs. (2.1Kg)
      • Rating: AC 115VAC 50/60Hz 0.51A, AC 230VAC 50/60Hz 0.26A